In this world you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasent

For years I was smart, I recommend pleasent

Ok on LJ I'm avidreadergirl, on FF.net I'm wrytingtyme and on TWOP I'm Areader. They are all me. yes I know it's not what you are supposed to do. Your supposed to have everything be the same. But I get cranky about arbitrary sensible guidelines like that and feel the need to flout them.

I'm not quite 40, close enough to not want to say any more about that. I'm female. I'm trying to work on my writing and hope to one day become JK Rowling (or someone else modestly successful like that) and give up my life of dronage.

I"m currently happily obssesed with House M.D. And that's about it. I read compulsivly (which is why the name) write when I have time (why that name) and World of Warcraft.

I'm most active on the Zangermarsh server I have a 63 BE hunter, a 60 BE rogue, a 30 H Pally, a 30 G lock, a 30 NE rogue, a 33 D hunter. I working my alliance side chars up to 60 and then I'll work on everyone together, one level at a time.