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Ok so HP sucks. 

First my computer dies, then they refuse to honor my extended warranty., I've spent the last week screaming at them for hours at a time but apparently they feel no burning need to honor their obligations to their customers.

Which means instead of getting a tech to fix it in (my) house I have to send it back to the factory. So I won't be getting the computer back until around the 10-12th of feb.  Which means I'm forced to drop out of the bigbang challenge (and don't ask me how much that hurts, I was working the flipping epilogue when it died and I hadn't backed it up outside the hard-drive. I hate myself and wept for days about that.) 

I'm also going to be under the gun on the vhuddy challenge. I''m working on it offline right now but the timetable for getting the computer back is awfully close to the deadline.

But I'm going to try on that one. My mother may loan me her laptop next weekend (which I have for an hour or two now) which would help.  

This whole situation is doing bad things to my blood pressure.

Don't buy HP, their service sucks.