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Bright Moon

Nov 15 2007.  This is my one a day before bed journal. I'm going to try and remember to post at least a little something here everyday.  Today, work sucked HS (the evil co-work) had 11 instances of B.F.S. (Big Fat Sighs, so we know he's suffering the bastard) I'm feeling sad for AR as she can't go see her daughter for the holidays, but since she hasn't even met mum I can't invite her to our house.  I'm trying trying trying to work on my HouseBigBang Challenge fic (goal is 20k words) but I'm blocked. I've got two ideas I've worked on and I just can't kickstart myself.  I also am a little disappointed in The Witching Hour, I thought that would have gotten a better reception than it has. One more day of work before the weekend.  I also need to buy a new desk chair and I really don't want to. I'd rather spend money on something I want than something I need (but I also need my butt to stop going number as this chair only has two wheels left) oh and I need to lose weight (who doesn't?)