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Loose Ends Part Three

Title Loose Ends
Author: Auvidreadergirl AKA wrytingtyme
Rating: PG13 (violence and bad words) 
Part three Chapters 7-10

 Chapter Seven

The sun woke her, pushing yellow light at her eyelids in a way that was impossible to ignore. After that the headache and taste of old dried socks in her mouth pretty much guaranteed that the whole being wide awake thing was going to continue so she gave up and opened her eyes.

She wasn’t in her bedroom. That nearly brought on a panic attack until she recognized the guest room in her house. She lay for a moment and tried to remember what had happened. She’d been robbed, she’d been beat up, she’d been ignored by the cops and taunted by Tritter, and she’d gone to St. Clare’s and…. She didn’t remember much. House and Wilson had been going to take her home, they must have, but she didn’t remember it at all. 

Cuddy sat up slowly, her bruises protesting, she heard a crackling and frowned down at a piece of paper that had been pinned to her sweatshirt. Like the notes kindergarten teachers attached to their pupils. There was familiar block writing on it and someone had helpfully pinned it upside down so she could read it without taking it off.

We counted the pills and we don’t think you managed to overdose on the Percodan

What the hell? She hadn’t overdosed. She thought back, the nurse had given her two pills and she’d taken… it said as needed for pain and House and Wilson were being so annoying---

Looks like you only took six, still call when you get up and let Wilson know you’re not dead. He’s a worry wart.

The handwriting changed here.

I’m not going to attempt to defend myself because I know you know that House is House. I would still appreciate a call though. House and I were going to stay and make sure you were all right but one of my patients is not doing well and House got a case. Guy has hematidrosis and normal blood pressure?! We turned the ringer off on your land line and your cell phone. Don’t come into the hospital until you’re feeling better, and please be careful with the meds.

Another change in handwriting,

Yeah, lite weight, leave the hard stuff to the professionals.

An untidy scrawl resolved itself as House, with a tiny M.D. at the end followed by Wilson’s simple James. 

Cuddy smiled, for what felt like the first time in years, but stopped when her face reminded her that she was bruised and bruises hurt. It was nice to know she had friends, or she amended one friend and whatever the hell House was.

They must have stayed with her a while because there were notes everywhere. House had left a huge one on the bottle of Percodan that said ONE AT A TIME. Wilson had left a note with the number of his cleaning lady and a grocery store that delivered on her kitchen counter. House had left one on her makeup bag that suggested she’d need a trowel. They both left notes about cold packs and soft food and not doing any work. 

No rest for the wicked though
, Shower, cold packs, oatmeal--with sugar damns it! And she turned her phones on and checked her messages, which were the usual build up of small crisis that happened whenever she was away from work. Feeling more like herself then she had since… had it only been two nights ago? She called Wilson.

“Glad you’re alive.” He sounded tired and distracted

“How’s your patient?”

“Still dying”

“I’m sorry about—“

“You don’t have to apologize.”

“I was expressing sympathy for your patient. But” she sighed “I am sorry for dragging you into that mess yesterday.”

“Tritter’s already been to your office once this morning.” He said anxiously “He showed up yesterday too.” 

“Don’t worry about Tritter,” that Tritter was actively seeking her out meant that it would be that much easier to lure him into the web she was spinning just for him. But it was imperative to keep the other flies out of it. “I mean that, as far as you and House are concerned Tritter doesn’t exist.”


“I’m serious Wilson, stay away from him. I’m going to take care of it, but I can’t have you flying off the 
handle” She carefully didn’t say again.


“You really don’t want to know. Trust me.”

He hadn’t liked it, but he hadn’t had time to argue with her. She followed that with a call to House and got his voice mail.

“This is Dr. House” His message said “unless you’re dying right now I don’t care, hang up. Otherwise leave a message with permission for an autopsy.”

“House, make sure all your scrips are legit and keep your head down for a week, I know you can do it, you managed it for three whole years before you got tenure. And remember to erase this “

Urgent chores taken care of she went to her home office and pulled a file out of the cabinet. It had one word on the label.


“It’s better to be lucky then smart.” Tom Watts told her on the phone. “PPD got a tip about the Gardenia Thieves and picked em up. It has made a lot of people feel very friendly to our local perjuring hospital administrator.”

“Thanks I think.”

“You need good will from the rank and file as much as you need it from the Mucky Mucks. Fortunately Tritter is enough of a bastard and has stomped hard on enough toes to have earned certain… lack of concern from his fellow officers. They won’t help you, but nothing you do should backfire, too badly.” He added after a moment. 

“He’s been trying to see me.”

“Yeah, he would. He needs to rub your nose in it. Make sure you “learn your lesson’, have you decided what you’re gonna do?”

“Yup, I’ve decided I’m going to do my best to further his career.”

Tom’s laugh was evil. “Remind me never to piss you off. The package should be on your desk when you get to work along with instructions, remember this isn’t legal.”

“I remember Mom.”

Cuddy made it to the hospital by Mid-afternoon. She’d decided against makeup of any kind, there was nothing to be ashamed of and hiding it just made it more obvious. Of course it was hard not react to other people reacting to the blue purple and yellow swelling that was the left side of her face, and she’d retreated to her office as soon as she’d checked in.

The visits started soon after.

Brenda was first, she’d marched in thrown an ice pack on Cuddy’s desk cocked an eyebrow at her and blithely announced that House had missed clinic duty the day before, Detective Tritter had been to see her, again and the hospital hadn’t burned down while she was gone. Brenda strongly implied that it still wouldn’t if Cuddy chose to go back home. Cuddy ignored that and logged on to the computer waving Brenda back to reception.

In the next two hours five department heads and three board members showed up, asked how she felt, expressed their sympathy over the robbery and gave her “a little something”, which was inevitably an ice pack, if they were medical professionals or a potted plant if they weren’t.

By 6pm it was as if she’d never left and had always looked like that. House had come in wrangling with his team about the ethics of giving high blood pressure to someone who didn’t have it, but whose body was acting like it did. She’d let them argue and told House he was free to give the guy high blood pressure as long as he did it the normal way, with junk food and poor exercise.

House had flensed her with his gaze, commented that he’d “gotten the message” and limped out sending his team out for cheeseburgers.

Wilson had shown up soon after wanting to talk about Tritter, which was the last thing she wanted to do.
“It’s for your own good.” She told him trying to kill the conversation. It didn’t work.

“Yeah, I’m not involved.” He was angry.

“Yes you are,” She gave him a humorless smile Wilson angry was a bigger headache then House. 

“That’s why you have to stay out of it.”

“That makes no sense at all.”

“Ok, How about this, I’m your boss, I’m telling you not to interfere in something, that’s an order.”

“Right, because you are the only person who can handle this, Jesus Christ! Cuddy have you looked in a mirror today? The last time you tried to manage Tritter you ended up perjuring yourself and sending House on a vacation with vicodin for two months!”

“First,” She ground out through clenched teeth as she stood. “I am the person who is going to handle this, I will not have Tritter interfering with the smooth running of my hospital again, and that means that you and that other idiot go nowhere near him!” Now she was yelling, it felt good.

“Oh I’m sure he’ll leave us alone now that the mean boss lady is after him, you were so effective last time!” Wilson was shouting now too.

Cuddy felt her temper snap, there was a silvery little twang in her ears as all her inhibitions and judgment got out of the way of the rage.

“You nincompoop!” She bellowed it was her father’s worst insult and in times of dire stress it simply escaped. “I would have had Tritter demoted and transferred in two days if you hadn’t had done your stupid Benedict Arnold impression! House wouldn’t have had to fake his way through rehab like a big baby and I wouldn’t have had to pay off a judge and then lie on the stand to get it to work!” She wasn’t yelling now, she was screaming, right in Wilson’s face. She had good view when he went white with the accusation.

“Thanks for telling me!” He said after a moment controlling his voice with effort. “If I’d known you had some grand plan I would have just taken it while Tritter destroyed my life, and my practice, which I might add I did.

He was standing so close to her now she could feel his breath when he spoke though she could barely 
see him through the red haze of rage that fogged her eyes.

“I’d have stood back and done nothing while House went off the deep end, trying to cut little girls into bits, beating up his employee’s physically and his boss verbally who was that again oh yeah YOU!” His voice was a knife edge and dripping contempt. “You were handling that so well.”

Then House was standing between them, pushing them apart. Saying something Cuddy couldn’t understand through the ringing of her pulse in her ears. A moment later she was sitting in her chair with an icepack on the back of her neck and another on her face and she was alone, again.
Chapter Eight

House was whistling as he hustled Wilson to the elevator. 

“Shut the fuck up House.” Wilson spat “I’m not done talking to Cuddy yet!”

House grinned but said nothing his blue eyes dancing as he kept a firm grip on the back of Wilson’s jacket until the elevator doors closed.

“I mean it! That conversation wasn’t finished.” Wilson’s eyes were still shooting sparks. “there’re some things I need to tell that—“ the inarticulate sounds coming from Wilsons throat suggested to House that his friends internal censor was trying desperately to squelch the words evil-two-faced-bitch-queen-from-hell and not completely succeeding.

“And people say I’m the mean one.” House pulled a resisting Wilson off the elevator when the doors opened on the fourth floor and dragged him down the hall toward his office. “Come on. The kids should be back with some trans-fats by now. You need to eat, keep up your energy. Don’t worry though; you get to keep custody of me in the divorce.”

“I don’t want to—what?”

“Congratulations, you’ve broken your own record for relationship sabotage.” House pushed Wilson into a chair in the conference room where Cameron and Foreman were already settled eating burgers. “He just broke up with Cuddy.” He told them. “Give him a Big Mac.”

“I didn’t—“ Cameron started

“Know you and Cuddy were—“ Foreman continued

“We aren’t, weren’t, she’s a---. He’s having delusions.” Wilson snarled in Houses direction.

“Yeah right, that’s why I just had to turn the hose on you two.”

“Can I talk to you in my office please, Dr. House.” Wilson asked formally still shaking with rage.

“All right fine, just remember” He leaned down and picked up a MacDonald’s bag from the table as he limped toward their balcony. “It’s not me your mad at.”

Once they hit the fresh air of the balcony Wilson relaxed. He couldn’t help himself. The air in the hospital was recycled, cleaned, pressed, purified and dead. The outside air was polluted by exhaust fumes and all the other vile things that made modern life possible, but sick as it was, it was still live air.
He took a deep lungful of it and let it out slowly. House leaned on the wall and munched on french fries.
“How much of that did you hear?”

“Most of the good stuff I think, I came in as soon as she screamed you were a nincompoop. That’s a serious word in Cuddy-speak, it means I’m-so-angry-I’m-gong-to-kill-you-because-the-paperwork-to-fire-you-will-take-too-long. ” Houses grinned through the French fries “I’ve only heard her use it twice in almost ten years.” 

“Do you know what she has planned?”

“Me?” House looked at Wilson in surprise “No, I’m the one who cuts babies in half, punches handsome Australian doctors for being naturally blond and makes fun of women who can’t conceive. She told me to stay out of the way.”

“And you’re going too?” 

“She’s my boss. There are times when it’s prudent to just let her handle things. Oh come on, there are.” He told Wilson’s look of incredulity.

“You’re the one who said it was going to blow up in her face!”

“It’s her face.”

“I don’t know which one of you is worse!” Wilson was angry again.

“Oh bite me.” House rolled his eyes. He’d put up with Wilson’s temper tantrum because Wilson hardly ever tantrumed. But there was a limit to the amount of emotional self indulgence he’d let anyone—even his best friend—get away with for long. “You’re pissed she didn’t tell you she was plotting against Tritter before, didn’t bring you in on it. To be fair,” House said grudgingly pulling a cheeseburger out of the sack, “you were the subject of a criminal investigation at the time, tipping you off could have made things worse if the cops found out, shame on her protecting you like that.”

Wilson’s temper deflated some more, he kept forgetting that the persecution Tritter put him through had had potentially deadly career consequences, not just for House but for him. Even if he’d been proven innocent, as he in fact was, a public accusation carried in the press would have rendered him un-employable. 

“Now you know she’s plotting again and she’s still not letting you in on the fun. Kind of kills the knight- in-shining-armor fantasy when the Damsel-in-Distress insists on rescuing herself.”

“This isn’t about me trying to rescue her or anyone else! “

“House!” Chases called from House’s office “I got what you wanted.”

“Be right there,” House gave Wilson a devilish look “tired of your knight-in-shining armor complex?”

Wilson closed his eyes and leaned on the balcony rubbing his forehead. ”the dragons are bigger than they used to be.”

“Oh you're just whiny 'cause you’ve graduated from the easy garden variety monsters like dying people and insecure women to the big scary boss monsters like rescuing Cuddy from Tritter, or me from Cuddy or Tritter or me.” House grinned and started back to his office “How about a lesson on how to be a sneaky interfering bastard, more gadgets less clanking?”

“You’re going to interfere, even though she told you not too?” 

“Have we met?”

“You just said---“

“Everybody lies.” 

The flowers were a nice touch, “Narcissus” House said looking at them blue eyes gleaming. “In the language of flowers it means… egotist, nice.”

“Thought you’d like that,” Chase grinned which made him look about seven years old, “but this” He held out a slim box “Is the real treasure.

“Behold a working fountain pen!” House extracted it and held it up to Wilson’s examination as if it were very precious. “I’ve wanted one of these for ages, something that could easily be left laying around the Dean of Medicines office for weeks—“

“Uh—box says 10 days at most, 8 if she talks a lot.”

“Cuddy’s verbal diarrhea is chronic, I give it 5, but that should be enough for this handy dandy microphone, recorder and most important of all—“ He pulled a tiny ear-bud out of the box and inserted it. “Transmitter, Chase here will present Dr. Cuddy with these lovely flowers-”

“I’m not doin it!”

“And at the same time he will drop this pen on her coffee table, who notices a spare pen? It even works.” 
House was clearly thrilled with the idea. “I told you that right?” 

“You’re going to bug her office.” Wilson was impressed.

“With actual working spy stuff even, How else are we gonna to keep up with the evil ‘get-Tritter’ plan she 
refuses to tell us about?”

“Uhhh you want to spy on Cuddy and Tritter.” Chase asked looking alarmed.

“I promise not to bring up your name to immigration.”

“It’s just… Tritter’s in her office now, I saw him going in when I got back.”

 House slammed his cane against the wall in frustration, “foiled a-fucking-gain!”
Chapter Nine
First things first, remember to breathe.

Cuddy took a gulp of air feeling her rage try to strangle her with it and expelled it again in a rush.
You can do better than that, remember test prep? Breathe in and out deep, even and steady.
And she did, leaning back crushing the ice pack against the back of her neck so it aimed welcome cold at her sizzling central nervous system. Holding the other ice pack to her eye and thinking just about breathing for a few minutes feeling her pulse settle slowly back to normal.

But her mind kept replaying the fight, remembering just what she’d yelled, speculating on how much House had heard, trying to decide if even Wilson’s normally even temper were up to getting past being called on the carpet for ruining a plan he’d had no knowledge of. There was no way she was going to get out of apologizing for that.

She straightened up with a wince and set the cold packs with others she’d stacked on a tray on her desk, flicking through the budget report on her computer. She let her mind run through the Oncology Departments wish list matching that against what she could steal from other departments’ budget requests this quarter. She was tempted, as always, to take cash from Diagnostics, but since House paid no attention to his budget, assuming, correctly damn him, that if he kept his patients mostly alive she’d find a way to pay for it.

Her phone rang, startling her, glancing down she saw the reception extension flash and glancing up she saw Tritter. The phone cut off abruptly.

“How are you doing Dr. Cuddy?” His voice had the deep gravely timber of the smoker and he was still chewing the nicotine gum. The smug half smile still on his face.

Remember you are sad, tired, and afraid of him! Don’t be happy to see him because you are about to have his ass handed to him with a shiny bow. You can still blow this.

“What do you want?’

He stepped further into the room, into her space.

“To see how you are.”

She stood up with a wince, and turned her left cheek toward him.

“This is how I am.” She sat down abruptly, broke eye contact “Now, get out or I call security.”

Tritter sprawled in the chair in front of her desk, she could feel his gaze raking her but she did her best to ignore it. They spent several minutes that way, her not looking, him sitting smiling wider and wider as the silence stretched and she could tell her hands were starting to tremble on the keys of her computer. She pressed her lips tight, turned reached for the phone.

Tritter leaned forward smoothly and pulled it out of her grasp. 

“It’s not very polite, talking on the phone when you have company.”

“I don’t have company, I have an asshole who barged into my office uninvited.” her voice shook but she didn’t lean over, didn’t attempt to grab the phone, and didn’t slap him in his smug face. “That means you’re an intruder, give me the phone so I can call security.” She let herself meet his eyes and then dropped her own again.  

“But you did invite me, Dr. Cuddy. You called 911.”

“Two days ago, amazing response time you have.”
“I thought I explained that, it’s hard to take a woman who would perjure herself for a drug addict seriously.”

“You’re right, I’m making it up.” She glared at him from what she knew was a badly contused face.

“The criminal justice system has many calls on its time,”

Oh are you ever going to find that out.
 She didn’t dare look up at him. She kept her eyes down, as if she were guilty instead of gloating.

“Did you really think your actions wouldn’t have consequences?”

“I knew they would.” Now she met his eyes.”They’ve saved lives. Dr. House has saved lives, Dr. Wilson has saved lives. It’s what they do.” She held out her hand, letting it tremble slightly. “Give me my phone.”
He set the phone down on his side of the desk, out of her reach so she’d have to get up or lean close to him to get it. She left it there.

“I hope the bruising goes away, soon.” He stood up, looking satisfied. 

She said nothing, just stared at him letting him see her shiver a little.

“The people who broke into your house and violated your security were probably drug addicts. It’s horrible what an addict will do to get a fix. You’re lucky you weren’t raped, or killed”

He was smiling when he walked out.

And now she was really shaking. She buried her face in her hands letting herself bleed out the tension this way. It had been so easy; and now she had the one thing she hadn’t had last time, leverage. She picked up the innocent looking fountain pen sitting on her desk, the one Lt. Watts had sent her just this afternoon, the one that was also a transmitter and, most importantly, a tape recorder and clicked it off.

Chapter 10
What’s the plan?”

“Why do I always have to have the plan?” House complained. He and Wilson lounged in the oncologists’ office eating the last of the fries.

“You’re the mastermind.” Wilson said.

“Am not.” House grabbed a handful of the remaining fries and stuffed them into his mouth belligerently.

“Are too.” Wilson leaned back; he had no appetite, which was always a good thing when House was around.

“Not much we can do right now.” House gave Wilson a sideways look as he picked up a fry. “Of course you could wander down to Cuddy’s office and apologize and at the same time—“

“I’m not doing it.”

“Which part?” House cocked his head to the side, his full attention on Wilson. But Wilson was one of the few people who could stand it.

“Either, none.” Wilson said flatly. “I’m not dropping off your flowers even if they are a veiled insult, I’m not bugging her office for you and I’m not going to apologize.”

“You’re not bugging her office for us. Probably not much point now anyway, besides the general delight of spying on ones boss.”

“For the ten thousandth time I’m begging you House, get a hobby, one that won’t get you fired or arrested.”

House picked up Wilsons phone and dialed. “Have to do everything myself.” He complained.

“Yeah, yeah tell it to someone who cares.”

“Is she still in.” House snapped “No,” He said slowly “This is Dr. House, Brenda. I’m looking for Dr. Cuddy. You remember her, short, dark hair, face like a punching bag? Uh-huh thank you.”
“I take it the truce is off?”

“Yup, we are back up to def-con four.” House stood up and rummaged in the box the pen had come in. 

“Here, see if you can pick us up from up here.” He tossed a small ear bud at Wilson.

Wilson made a face but popped it into his ear anyway.

“Can you hear me?” House spoke into the pen

“You’re still in the room House.”

House was just in time to intercept Cuddy. She’d cleared her desktop and was turning off her computer when he managed to limp in juggling the flowers, his cane and his temper. He was reminded, whenever he tried to maneuver something that needed both hands, just how crippled he really was and he hated being reminded.

“What not going to help the poor guy with the cane?” He barked as he dropped the potted flowers onto her coffee table with a clatter and plopped himself onto the sofa. Several people had tried to help him on the way in; he’d had to restrain himself from smacking them with the cane accidentally-on-purpose.
Cuddy did not leap up to assist him. She never did. “Where,” She asked looking around.

“Nice.” House pulled a vicodin out of his pocket and swallowed it.

“Only person in my office, besides me, is an asshole. What do you want House?” She bitched at him.  

House pressed his lips into a thin line to keep from grinning at her. He wondered sometimes if she knew how grateful he was whenever she dismissed his leg. He hoped like hell she didn’t.

“World peace?” He bitched back.

“I’ll work on that.”

“Or you could make up with Wilson.”

“I think the world peace thing is more likely.” She said rubbing her forehead and looking tired.

“Or you could tell me what happened with Tritter.”

“I told you to stay out of it”

“And I ignored you. Nothing really new there,” Cuddy slumped over her desk looking forlorn. “And don’t 
pull the Damsel-In-Distress act with me, I’m not Wilson.”

“For which I thank God hourly, one of each of you is enough.”

“You know you want to tell me.” He wheedled “Talk!” He picked up his cane rapping it on the floor. “Five cents the Doctor is In.”

“If I give you a shiny quarter will you go out?”


“House, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“I do.”

“I don’t care!”

“Listen, Cuddy” He tried to keep his voice even but it was hard, and unleashing his temper, while satisfying, was not going to make this go any faster. Cuddy wasn’t afraid of his temper. Sometimes he thought she liked his temper, “my leg hurts, I’m sure your face hurts, you wanna go home, I wanna go home, at the same time we both know that I’m going to harass you until you spill the beans about the plan one way or another so can we just skip to the part where you give in?” 

“You won’t like it.” 

“I’m pretty sure I won’t, but if it helps I’m much less likely to screw up your plan if I know what it is.” 

“Fine,” She sighed. “I saw Tritter—“

“Know that.”

“And tomorrow I’m going to be in meetings all day. We are getting a new head of security for the Hospital and Tritter is getting promoted.”

And then Cuddy smiled and refused to say another word. 

The next afternoon Cuddy made her way through the hospital introducing her newest department head to his colleagues. She’d saved Diagnostics and Oncology for last and was relieved to find Wilson and House together in House’s office. She only wanted to have to do this once, and they both deserved to know.

“Dr. House, Dr. Wilson.” She waved at the tall fit looking man by her side. “This is Paul Bothwell. He’s taking over security for the hospital.”

“Nice to meet you.” Wilson said ignoring Cuddy and shaking the other man’s hand. “House, I’ve gotta go.”

Cuddy closed the door and stood with her back against it shaking her head. “Nope, we need to have a little talk.”

“Nothing I want to discuss with you right now Dr. Cuddy.”

“Tough,” She glared at him.

“Does this mean your explaining the brilliant plan?” House asked raking Bothwell with his eyes, “And did you know your new head of security has no legs?”

“House!” Wilson looked appalled.

“Yes and yes.” Cuddy had warned Bothwell to expect neither tact nor tolerance from House, and by her new department heads grin that wasn’t a problem. “Dr. Singer removed his legs two years ago when hew as in a car accident.” 

 “Police chase” the tall man said and shrugged.

“Chaser or chasee’?”

“Chaser, I was a lieutenant in swat, until the accident. Then I became a “Public Outreach Officer.”
“Fingerprinting little kids at the mall?”

Bothwell rolled his eyes and nodded. “It’s not all that bad, but it’s not what I’m best at. Plus it was a bit of a paper-job. I didn’t quite have my twenty years in and I was already a lieutenant so they had to create the position at that grade,”

“I’ve been talking with Mr. Bothwell for a while about taking over here.”

House, predictably, got it first. “So you retire and come to work here with what I’m sure is a hefty salary, and the lieutenant level position of Kiddy Cop is now available.”

“I have it on good authority that Detective Tritter is going to be promoted into that position.” Cuddy’s lips twitched. 

Wilson, who was still catching up, saw it all of a sudden. Tritter who loved power and hated people, sitting in a shiny uniform, having to deal with a never ending stream of kids and their parents and stupid questions and it was a promotion. “Oh my god.” His eyes widened.

House’s grin was unfeigned. “Like never ending clinic duty.”

“Thank you.” Cuddy said softer than normal. “It wasn’t easy to arrange, Paul has been willing to come over for a while. And I’ve wanted him too ever since you convinced that guy to shoot you, twice.”

“I don’t get me shot, other people shoot me.” House defended himself.

Cuddy rolled her eyes and ignored the outburst. “Captain Ramsey at Princeton PD has been less… amenable to my strong suggestion for his replacement. So I convinced him that Detective Tritter was becoming too focused on personal issues and suggested a change of duties.”
She pulled the spy pen out of her pocket and House and Wilson both stiffened.

“How did you find that? I hid it in your couch!” House burst out.

“You what?” 

Bothwell pulled a radio out of his pocket and quietly asked someone to find the transmitter pen hidden in Dr. Cuddy’s sofa. 

“How come you have a pen like that?” Wilson asked trying to distract her from her outrage at their invading her privacy. “I mean we have a pen like that because you were squeezing us out, again.”

Cuddy screwed the ear bud for her pen into the cap and twisted it. They could clearly here a conversation.
“I don’t have company,” Cuddy’s voice said “I have an asshole who barged into my office uninvited. That means you’re an intruder, give me the phone so I can call security.”
“But you did invite me, Dr. Cuddy. You called 911.”
 “Two days ago, amazing response time you have.”
“I thought I explained that, it’s hard to take a woman who would perjure herself for a drug addict seriously.”
She twisted the cap again and the playback ended. “There’s more it’s all pretty much like that though.”

“I don’t think that’s legal,” Wilson pointed out slowly.

“Neither is bugging my office!”

“House’s idea,” Wilson gave up his friend instantly.

“Wasn’t working anyway.” House muttered. “I should have left it on the table. All we can hear is when someone sits on the couch.”

“And it didn’t have to be legal; I’m not trying to send Tritter to jail.”

“I still wish you would.” House said.

“If he had been trying to prosecute you for something you weren’t guilty of maybe I would. But as it is, he’s going to be holding sticky little hands for the next few years while he dreams about retirement. “

“You have to admit it’s elegant.” Wilson said at last. “Was this what you were trying to do before?” he asked hesitantly. Not wanting to re-open the fight but wanting to know.

“Yes, but it was much harder. Tritter… was still working inside the lines at the time and you” She glared at House “Were clearly outside them. Which reminds me,” She glanced at her watch. “I have another meeting and you have clinic duty. And we will never discuss this again.”
And she swept out her highly amused new head of security following in her wake.

“Well I was hoping for something more violent myself.” House said leaning back in his chair.

“I don’t know,” Wilson said slowly, “Tritter defines himself as being a cop, to make it so that to be that he has to do something that will make him miserable, seems pretty violent to me. But will it keep him out of our hair?”

“Oh I think so.” House spun his cane in his hands. “She’s impressive as hell in a temper. Tritter isn’t crazy he won’t risk another Cuddy-smack.”

 “You do.” Wilson pointed out.

“But I don’t think Tritter gets turned on by being yelled at by angry female authority figures.”
House grinned and spun his cane and thought about how he was going to try and sneak surveillance equipment into her office, and how he could ensure being caught doing it.
The End


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Apr. 3rd, 2008 06:56 pm (UTC)
That's my Cuddy "proud"

“But I don’t think Tritter gets turned on by being yelled at by angry female authority figures.” ONLY HOUSE ♥♥
Thank you for this great story :)
Apr. 3rd, 2008 08:42 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you liked this piece. I was REALLY unhappy with how the Tritter arc resolved, and I just had to get a better resolution to it and to me it seemed appropriate that Cuddy be the one to neutralize the threat. He went after her people, that was a mistake (also she's my fave so natch I wanted her to be the one kicking ass)
Jan. 31st, 2011 12:23 am (UTC)
Great story! I love pissed off Cuddy!
Feb. 3rd, 2011 08:46 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!
Jun. 16th, 2011 07:43 pm (UTC)
I love that House and Wilson conspire to "save" Cuddy like two middle-aged Hardy Boys and in the end she takes care of Tritter herself. Nicely done!
Jun. 17th, 2011 01:42 am (UTC)
Thank you for the kind review!
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