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Is a mass of conflicting instincts, information, assumptions and suspicions and it leaves you in a muddle about what did (or did not) happen and what it does (or does not mean). Of course with a title like Doubt I was pretty certain about that going in.  I didn’t know anything else about the film however.

The film is good, the performances are uniformly good and in two cases superlative. Meryl Streep proves, again, that ninety-nine percent of all other actors can’t touch her. Viola Davis proves that when you are the one percent who can hold the screen with her, it makes both of you look amazing.

Seriously I recommend this movie for the one long scene between the two women. One a white nun running a school for, mostly, Irish and Italian kids, with one black student in the mid 1960s, and one that boy’s mother. They have to have a very important discussion about things that are not talked about in a limited amount of time. It’s some of the finest acting I’ve ever seen.

I’d give the movie 3 stars and that one scene… a whole lot more. 




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Jan. 17th, 2009 11:16 pm (UTC)
Ok, ok, I'm gonna go see it!
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