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I enjoyed Lucky 13. Ok mostly the last 30 seconds or so, which were... amazing.


House!Cuddy!Wison! that is what I'm talking about. That was exquisitely played by all three actors and (because I'm obsessive compulsive that way) and because so much of what happened happened in expression and gesture and tone I'm going to over analyze it for you, won't that be nice? ::::::grins madly::::


 Wilson enters, gives Cuddy a weird facial expression that I call "grimace with eyebrow lift". I figure you could probably expect that expression on a guy who is being dragged into a baby store and it's not even his baby, especially if he knows he's setting up an "awkward!" moment to get House off his ass. (figuratively-- in my little world anyway)


Cuddy is standing next to and affectionately patting an elaborate crib with a little pink bonnet. She is giving us her wide but close mouthed smile that means, I'm happy but I'm afraid to show it. (I think) and asking WIlson what he thinks.


Wilson doesn't have time to do more than step over and stare at it before House is bursting in and seeing them doing his best "Oh My Gawd!! very reminiscent of when he burst in on Amber and Wilson at lunch, although in that case Wilson wasn't in on it) Wilson spins and looks surprised (liar liar Wilson!) Cuddy looks more resigned and asks "why are you here?" so deliberately that I think
some dialog must have been cut and she's had to ask more than once.


House characteristically cryptic but honest gives Wilson the fish eye and says "because he ate the doughnut."


Wilson stammers charmingly and says he's sorry but House must have followed him, Cuddy seems to have gotten better at spotting Wilson's bullshit however because she clearly does not believe him when she agrees with world weary sarcasm and Wilson has the grace to look ashamed.


"You're clearly not pregnant" says House (whose still paying attention though they haven't discussed her wish for a baby (on screen) since Fetal Position and before that the Finding Judas Emotional Vivisection Scene) "So either this is a gift or it's some weird if-you-build-it-they-will-come moment." Now House is thinking at this point, and fast, because that last guess is pretty much on the money.


"I'm adopting a baby." Beautiful expression here by Lisa E. clearly bursting to share the news and yet apprehensive.


Matched by an equally beautiful expression by HL as we see House with a look that can only be described (by me) as completely vulnerable. Wilson explains quickly that Cuddy has asked him to be a character reference and he couldn't betray her confidence and that was why he ate the doughnut. Cuddy explains equally quickly that she didn't want anyone else to know in case she wasn't approved.


What goes unsaid here is that she didn't want House to know (which given House's propensity for taking drastic negative action with her personal life is a reasonable thing to want) Which means she couldn't tell anyone but Wilson (who is the one person who can keep stuff from House successfully, even if only short term)


It also means she's still smarting from what House said in Finding Judas. Cuddy didn't want anyone else (House) to know if she wasn't approved (if he was right about her being a horrible mother) She's deliberately protecting herself from him now.


The other thing that I think House is realizing, that Cuddy or Wilson probably don't catch onto (but should) is that House really should know.


Lucas bugged Wilson's phone, apartment and car. He said in Not Cancer that Cuddy had been to see Wilson twice and phoned "a bunch of times." it's reasonable to assume since they weren't (according to Lucas) talking about House that they were talking about this. Which means when House sent Lucas fishing for info on Cuddy in Adverse Events, he already knew something House could use to blackmail her, Which makes me question Lucas's statement that he's a bad liar, Of course it could just be the writers have lost their minds and not noticed the huge continuity gaffe, but I'm thinking this will come up again.


Then Cuddy smiles and says that day she was approved. House looks more horrified then vulnerable now as he puts the pieces together. (again my interpretation) one I think RSL supports because he goes from a gentle we-tricked-you-see! smile to a what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you? look seamlessly.


Lisa E is again brilliant half-happy, half-apprehensive as she looks at Wilson who is busy giving House the WTF? look and back at horrified House who is swallowing in a kind of desperate way. "Are you going to congratulate me?"it's a question and a suggestion, gently phrased by Cuddy who is offering House a way out of a socially very awkward situation.


Which of course he doesn't take. Here you can see House's wheels turning as he thinks very fast.


Here is what I think he's thinking (again is this my own personal fanwank)


1. Must kill Lucas.


2. Cuddy doesn't trust me. That hurts. He loved being in her confidence during the baby arc. The ability to tease her privately was clearly something he enjoyed. From vetting sperm donors to critiquing the physical changes that occur early in pregnancy. yet when he did screw up in front of Cameron and Foreman he tried to cover.


3.WIlson doesn't trust me. I think House would reasonably expect Wilson to spill. he normally falls like a bad souffle when pressured about confidences. (Hafl-wit) and here he holds the line until he knows Cuddy's approved. Of course Wilson was the one who saw the meltdown after the shower scene in Finding Judas.


Side note: I have watched and re-watched and re-re-watched finding Judas and I'm convinced that the reason that Wilson went into Cuddy's office was because House told him too.


the scene right before the meltdown in the office, you see House watching the lobby with his laser pointer (while he bitches out the team about rocky mountain spotted fever). He sees Wilson and follows him with the pointer to the front desk where they hand him several pieces of paper and Wilson heads into the clinic. The next time we see Wilson he's asking Cuddy what the hell House did.; I think that House had Wilson paged to the clinic and the notes were messages to "go see Cuddy,now."


Angry and in pain House still knew he'd hurt Cuddy badly, and sent Wilson to pick up the pieces.


4. House is thinking about what this means for him. Cuddy will be taking maternity leave in order to bond with the new baby. he's going to have to deal with someone new being the boss of him.


5. I think he's also worried about Cuddy, Adoption can be a tricky thing, Birth parents change their mind, or stick pins in their baby's heads, or things go wrong. Which means if it's remotely medical (which given the previews I think it will be) he's going to be involved, because while she doesn't trust him with her personal life, she does trust him as a physician.


6. and last but not least I think he's angry. I think Lucas is right We know House likes her (I love his little speech in forever when he asks Wilson why he can't admit he likes Cuddy, it's so about him "She's smart, funny, has a zesty bod." So now to have her going behind his back, with his bff, to get a baby that's going to take her away from him... I'm sure he's got a good measure of anger going on


All this happens in a flash (I think) and House says "if you're happy I'm--" and he turns puts on his glasses and limps heavily away while Wilson looks after him obviously concerned and Cuddy disappointed.


Anyway that's what I think, would love to hear what anyone else thinks. Please keep in mind this is mostly my own personal fanwank and should not be confused with what TPTB are actually planning.

Ps. I have no idea how I got the grey field or how to get rid of it, I'm just happy it all ended up under the cut at last, sorry.


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(Deleted comment)
Oct. 26th, 2008 10:06 pm (UTC)
Re: Lucas, I agree for the most part. Either he was too stupid to figure it out OR he was withholding info for his own benefit OR he went over House's head and decided what House did and did not need to know (I like this last scenario...gives a good reason for firing, aside from really not needing him anymore).

I actually think it's probably a combination of the last two, I had heard he was hired for 10 eps though and we are only on five so I don't think he's going anywhere yet :(

I don't think House is hurt by Wilson here, though. I think he would have been if he had followed him and Wilson hadn't told him to earlier, but he did, so he essentially let House in on it.

I agree, House is not hurt by wilson here, for the reasons you mention. But because Wilson didn't volunteer the info earlier, I think House might read that as Wilson protecting Cuddy.(something he's accused Wilson of twice as I recall, once in euphoria and once in... I think Mary Little Xmas but I'm not sure. Early S1 anyway) I think that might cause him anxiety because when Wilson and Cuddy join forces he loses his vicodin.

I also am beginning to think that instead of saying something horribly mean or inappropriate, despite thinking it, House might just be holding back a bit...If you're happy, then I'm....well, he won't say happy because he's not, but he's not saying unhappy either, in a way protecting both Wilson and Cuddy from a tongue lashing.

Oh I like that theory! And it works perfectly with the ep as a whole and the scene.

Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!!!
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 26th, 2008 10:25 pm (UTC)
Oh I hope so! I'd heard 10 before the start of the season so I was thinking we were in for a long hall.

Although I don't mind lucas the cast is awfully crowded already.
Oct. 26th, 2008 09:32 pm (UTC)
Your personal fanwank is fine with me. I was so viscerally affected by that scene that no way could I present something as coherent as this post. I've felt before what House felt -- he's so transparent sometimes -- but damned if I could articulate what that was. You did a wonderful job.

I'm trying to keep my mind of what tptb are planning, my sanity is at stake. :D
Oct. 26th, 2008 10:09 pm (UTC)
I hear ya on the sanity thing, and thank you for thinking it was coherent! :D

I had to write out my fanwank simply to get it out of my head, because that whole scene was starting to take over my brain.
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