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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

May your Stuffing be moist....

Your Pumpkin pie have whip-cream...

And your Turkey's not get you down.


Twitter Pated

FYI to anyone who is following me on twitter, I’m closing that account. I haven't been on in months and there is just too much of the same thing over and over most of which I find on lj a few minutes later anyway.

On another note, I'm starting to love Lucas... he might actually work. I'm probably in the minority thinking that but... I liked him with Chase tonight.


just a reminder

I'm effectively afk until friday. Because I don't want to be driving myself nuts wanting to talk about House while on vacation (and I'm reluctant to to drive my friends/relatives insane with it) I'm going to hold off and watch "Broken" when I get back on Friday (which is kind of clever, if I do say so myself, cause then I only have a 3 day wait for the next one) 

Long story short--- See you on the other side !

No house at all

Well there is House, but it's my House.

I'm not finished, but I made huge progress this weekend. Old Desk out, New Desk in. turned a cute little end table into my new printer stand moved my lamps around and suddenly the whole living room is starting to look really nice.  I'm not done yet, lots of homeless "stuff" that needs to be dealt with. But I am pleased with myself so thought I'd share, go me. :) 

Writer's Block: Three-day weekend

Do you prefer to spend a three-day weekend chilling at home or hitting the road?
Home, I love home. I relax at home. I like travel and vacations but they are stressful, home is easy  and just wraps itself around me when I walk in the door.

Oh except for the ant invasion this weekend. that was unpleasent, but for the most part home = bliss

Writer's Block: Don't You Forget about Me

RIP John Hughes. In honor of the master of the teen movie, what is your favorite teen flick?
The Sure Thing, snark, banter, show tunes, hitchiking, shotgunning beers and etc. extremely fun, funny movie.

thankfuls day 4


I'm re-pposting this with drnihilism 's permission. it's the research that supports why having a gratitude journal is good for you and it's under this cut Collapse )</div></div>